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Website design, development and branding

This project is intended to display a collection of web animations using Anime.js and CSS hover effects, presented in a fictitious music streaming splatform. The brand is colorful and playful, and thus allows the space for web animations. I started initially by exploring Anime.js (a Javascript library for animation) and its functionality. I actually found that the documentation they have on their website wasn't as helpful as the codepen examples, since I am still fairly unfamiliar with Javascript and a lot of their documentation perpetuated the assumption that I understood more of what they were talking about than I actually did. SO, what ultimately got me to start getting the hang of it was to go through demos of what other (more experienced) developers had created using this library and to figure out how to repurpose them for this site. I knew from the beginning that I was interested in having interactive and engaging animations, rather than looped, so this was something that I was looking for in order to create this effect of a "real" website. Therefore, I'd like to thank the codepen authors: Te Vallee, Alex Zaworski.