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#metoo App

A speculative app design to help combat sexual assault

The #MeToo mobile app is a futuristic proposal for dealing with the many issues that come out of the abuse of power. It would function as a database for all accounts of sexual harassment, abuse and assault, as well as a place to archive and file reports of such crimes and misdemeanors. The user, when filing a report, has the ability to take a photo of the assailant, or upload an existing photo of the assailant, which would then be saved into the #MeToo database. Using facial recognition technology and augmented reality, other users of the app would then be able to determine, by holding the app’s camera up to someone’s face or uploading a picture, whether or not the person they’ve encountered has any reports filed against them. In this way, people using #MeToo would be able to better gauge if a situation is unsafe. Additionally, it would provide more accountability to abusers, and create more serious consequences for the mistreatment of others human beings.